“Alakan” program

“Alakan” PROGRAM (Almaty city)

1 24-7 house-call of pediatrician by urgent and medical indications not more than 10 times for the whole period of service, after the 10th house-call acts the price-list with 20% discount.
2 Unlimited visit of pediatrician in medical center Open Clinic for the service period
3 1 time check-up in the beginning of service: neuropathist, orthopaedic surgeon, oculist, ENT specialist, dentist.
4 Diagnostic and medical procedures in “Open Clinic” medical center, excluding laboratory analysis, with 10% discount.
5 Issue of work incapacity certificates for maternity leave.
6 Free telephone consultations by 24-hour service phone ph. 222 22 12, 8 707 388 66 65.
7 Program cost                           60 000 KZT
1.      All consultation-diagnostic analysis in Almaty are done on the base of Open Clinic

2.     The services of paramedical personnel, namely: injection, physiotherapy, attendance at home.