About clinic

“Open Clinic”— is the guarantee of qualified, reliable and modern medical care for thousands of patients.


The physicians of various directions receive patients: therapists, pediatricians, gynecologists, surgeons, neuropathists, ENT specialists, dentists etc. You can entrust your health and the health of your children to them: all physicians have high experience, increase their professional level, do internships.


During breakdown in health and inability to leave the home/office, our specialists will come to you to: conduct analysis withdrawal, to deliver medications, and also perform medical transfer to hospital.


For urgent transportation of the patient for check-up and hospitalization. We transport the patient quickly, safely and by specially equipped cars under the control of qualified physicians.


The equipment of latest generation helps to conduct a full-scale diagnostics of the body system for making a maximally exact diagnosis. You have no need to search for the specialists in different places; we conduct clinic, biochemical, histomorphologic and cytochemical check-ups.


This direction of work is provided with modern technique and equipment, materials for the treatment and prophylaxis of the diseases of oral cavity. Your fresh and healthy smile is in hands of doctors of “Open Clinic”.


The efficiency of methodology and modern physiotherapy equipment gives a possibility to get rid of disease consequences, conduct prophylactic courses and improve physical well-being.


Our physicians

For the years of work we gathered the best team of physicians. High-qualified specialists, professionals and fans of their work are ready to perform the medical care in all directions.

Activity directions

For all its clients, “Open Clinic” offers a wide spectrum of directions of physicians’ activity, which cover all range of medical issues.

    Open Clinic presents a wide spectrum of general surgical interventions: from simple to complicated, demanding special and high-accuracy equipment. (далее…)
    Experienced specialists of our clinic could diagnose a number of nervous disorders, diseases of back bone and cerebral blood vessel: headaches and neck…
    Many men, sooner or later, face with the diseases of genitourinary system, which prevent a normal state of organism, decrease a level of…
    Therapeutic and medical area, specializing in diagnostics and treatment of pathologies of ear, throat, nose.  Practicing physicians on this specialty are called otorhinolaryngologists…
    High-qualified physicians, modern equipment, the newest materials, guarantee of quality and fair prices. Personal touch. Discounts for prophylaxis and treatment. (далее…)
    In our team work the best pediatricians, who guide a child since very birth. Experience and continuous professional growth allow the physicians with…
    The physicians of this direction will help on revealing a wide range of diseases, conduct a complex of instrumental and laboratory diagnostics, aimed…
    Our obstetrician-gynecologists know all secrets of the “science about women” and they can help in any problems of women’s health. We have elaborated…



Take care of your health and the health of your relatives right now! Reach out us by phone, contact form and or come to our Center, where qualified managers will show and tell everything to ensure the patient in a right choice.


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E-mail: Reception@openclinic.kz