Our partners


Oil Insurance Company JSC is the market leader in insurance segment of Kazakhstan and a general partner of “Open Clinic”, providing individuals and legal entities with a complex of insurance services for more than 20 years. The company’s activity corresponds to international quality standards, which is confirmed by the licenses and quality certificates. Today, the company serves more than 550 000 individuals and more than 2400 organizations, continuously expanding the geography of presence. You can find more information about the company at the official website.

Mondial Assistance

“Mondial Assistance Group” — a network of organizations, providing service support of insurance programs for the citizens and 24-7 help to the travelers and drivers around the world. The peculiarity of the company’s activity is flexible service, allowing to solve a problem of any complexity at any place of the world.

“Mondial Assistance Group” for many years cooperates with Russia and the CIS countries, not long ago implemented own service in Kazakhstan and became the partner of the network of “Open Clinic” medical centers.

You can find more information about "Mondial Assistance Group" service at the official website of the company.

AP Companies

“AP Companies” — is included in the world network of medical companies and presents a complex of medical-service and related non-medical services allowing to perform all-round organizational support to the people suffered in accidents,  occurrences and extreme situations.  In 2013, the first 24-7 office in Almaty was opened and established cooperation with “Open Clinic”. You can find more information about the activity of “AP Companies” at the official website of the company.

“Sentras Insurance” JSC IC

“Arhimedes Kazakhstan” MCK JSC

“SBS Med Assistance” LLP

“Kazkommertspolic” JSC IC

“Samal Medical Assistance” LLP

Global Benefits Group, Inc