Services for legal entities

Care about the health of your personnel — in our safe hands. According to corporate agreement of medical care we guarantee the following conditions:

  • Deposit program — by paying the financial resources, you will guaranteedly receive 24-7 medical care and support from medical center till finances depletion for the whole family;
  • Insurance program — our consultants offer the most convenient variants of medical insurances, consult each employee concerning the issues of insurance and execute a full package of documents: (consultation, help in choosing the medical policy, execution of documents, complex check-up)
  • Seminars and lectures — prophylactic direction of our specialists’ work helps to know about protection methods from different diseases, necessity of periodic health assessment and on time methods of preservation of health;
  • Loyalty program — bonuses and campaigns are presented for corporate clients, allowing to receive high-quality medical care at more favorable conditions.
  • Express check-up for 1-2 days for the whole family Check-up elaboration in separate directions (gynecology, ENT, urology, pediatrician etc.)
  • Medical and prophylactic check-ups for all types of productions, conducted according to model guidelines:

Model guideline for preparation of passing of periodic health examination

Actions of employer:

  • To compose the name list of personnel considering a level of harmful factors and positions in the company;
  • To issue the appointments to each employee for passing the periodic health examination;
  • To notify the employees about passing the periodic health examination on the appointed day and time;
  • To define a number of days for periodic health examination of the personnel of the company and convenient time for check-up directly at medical center;

Actions of employee:

  • During the periodic health examination, the employee should have an appointment card from employee;
  • To present a medical card in case of its presence;
  • To prepare a certificate from psychiatric and narcological dispensaries
  • To let the physician know about chronic illness and other counterindications (drug intolerance, allergic reactions).